STP-1 Starter Tool Pack

STP-1 Starter Tool Pack
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STP-1 Starter Tool Pack Includes.

* LJ-3044 Versa Tool

Locates holes as well as starts and tightens hex nuts onto rail bolts. Drives 5/16" rail bolts and tightens 1/2" hex nuts. Also used to locate 1/4" pilot hole on handrails & rail drops for attaching to Conect-A-Kit handrail fittings.

* LJ-3032 Rail Bolt-Runner

This drill attachment has machine threads to drive rail bolts into handrail, fittings, newels, and walls.

View LJ-3032 User Guide

* LJ-3033 Dowel-Runner

This drill attachment has lag threads to drive dowel screws into baluster bases.

View LJ-3033 User Guide

* LJ-3035 Centaur

Centers 9/32" hole in baluster bases for our Dowel-Fast screws. Fits 1 1/4" and 1 3/4" balusters. Doubles as a drill bit guide and a centering device.

View LJ-3035 User Guide